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From Imam to Pastor

Farid is local to the Al Hoceima region. At the age of six he was chosen to study in the mosque and become an imam. He memorized the entire Quran and studied Islam his entire life before he began to be paid by the government as an Islamic pastor in his mid-twenties. He was very successful, having learned the secret to moneymaking for a religious leader - witchcraft. Having studied it his entire life, he began to see the hypocrisy of Islam. By the time we met him in 2007, the seeds of faith had already been planted and he  gave up his income and lavish life when he was baptized a year later.

As a respected former member of the local religious community, Farid has very unique ministry opportunities. He travels out to many of the small villages where he used to work and builds on already established relationships. While he has to try and keep a low profile, he is amazingly bold about his newfound faith.


His needed support level is $750 per month. A large portion of this goes to his wife's medical needs as she is on kidney dialysis.

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