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Friends of the Rif was born out of an earthquake near Al Hoceima, Morocco in 2004. The groundwork of faith had been laid starting in the early 1980's, but the earthquake was the catalyst that opened up the region for access that had never been possible before. 

Soon after the earthquake, Ab, Big Mo and Smalls came over from a city about 3 hrs east to help us get started in our work. Simultaneously we were able to begin building houses and building God's kingdom. The construction gave us access to villages that had never had a Christian witness in them before.

Over a period of 11 years, thanks to a combined effort from many churches, organizations and individuals, we were able to build over 150 homes for those who had lost them in the earthquake. In this time there were also over 50 locals baptized - a truly incredible number for the region.

Eventually we ran out of people that needed new houses in our sphere of influence. In 2015 the construction stopped. However, the work of church planting did not. While we no longer have the exciting pictures and stories provided by the construction and the teams, the key indigenous leaders are continuing the work of gathering the local believers and reaching out to others. 

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